Project's Summary

Title: WOOD-SKIN's Tessellated Design Enhances Dubai's Jumeirah Beach Hotel Column

The Engineering Office in Dubai has recently completed an impressive project at one of the major hotels in Dubai, utilizing the innovative WOOD-SKIN technology to create a stunning tessellated design for the central column. This functional and aesthetically pleasing element showcases carefully chosen materials and advanced technologies, making it a standout feature within the hotel.

The use of WOOD-SKIN in this project has proven to be a game-changer, as it effortlessly enabled the complex geometry required for the design. Thanks to the proprietary technology and software developed by WOOD-SKIN, what would have been a challenging millwork process became a seamless endeavor. This demonstrates the power of the WOOD-SKIN technology in simplifying intricate designs and providing efficient solutions.

To complete the project, a tailor-made surface was delivered, featuring the exquisite Straw marquetry by Alexander Lamont. This artisanal process, which involves creating decorative panels using flattened slithers of natural cured straw, beautifully contrasts with the fully computational nature of WOOD-SKIN. The combination of ancient craftsmanship and cutting-edge digital fabrication techniques adds a unique touch to the finished column.

WOOD-SKIN's involvement in this project allowed for the seamless integration of various elements, including lights, doors, structural components, and storage space. By bringing together Italian craftsmanship, large-scale robotic manufacturing, and cost optimization, WOOD-SKIN demonstrates its commitment to delivering high-quality, made-to-measure solutions for unique architectural projects.

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel Column project exemplifies how WOOD-SKIN's innovative technology can transform traditional architectural elements into works of art. The collaboration between Engineering Office Dubai and WOOD-SKIN has resulted in a visually stunning centerpiece that combines the best of ancient craftsmanship and modern design techniques. With its ability to simplify complex geometries and offer efficient solutions, WOOD-SKIN continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in architectural design.

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