Project's Summary

CMA, an architectural studio, has recently provided design services for the renowned i Fratelli restaurants located in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. One of their remarkable projects was the transformation of the i Fratelli in Irving, TX, previously an open environment sports bar and grill, into an intimate and elegant Italian eatery. Spanning over 4,000 square feet, this renovation showcases stunning art deco features that truly highlight the restaurant's exquisite wine bar, multi-level ceiling planes, custom wine storage, and translucent panels that offer various degrees of privacy.

The design concept for this i Fratelli restaurant was carefully crafted to create a warm and captivating atmosphere. To achieve this, a combination of high-quality materials was incorporated into the space. Hardwood floors, with their timeless appeal, add a touch of sophistication, while metal ceiling tiles bring a sense of industrial chic. The exposed brick walls infuse a rustic charm, harmoniously blending with the stunning mosaic tiles that add depth and visual interest to the overall design.

One of the standout features of the renovated i Fratelli restaurant is its impressive wine bar. The design team at CMA ensured that this focal point was given the attention it deserved. With meticulous attention to detail, they created a space that exudes elegance and refinement. Custom wine storage units were carefully integrated, allowing the restaurant to showcase its impressive selection of wines. The use of translucent panels adds a touch of privacy while still maintaining a sense of openness, allowing guests to enjoy their dining experience in a relaxed and intimate setting.

In conclusion, CMA's design services have successfully transformed the i Fratelli restaurant in Irving, TX into an exquisite Italian eatery. Their art deco-inspired design features, such as the impressive wine bar, multi-level ceiling planes, and custom wine storage, create an intimate and elegant ambiance. The use of high-quality materials, including hardwood floors, metal ceiling tiles, exposed brick walls, and stunning mosaic tiles, further enhance the warm and captivating atmosphere. With this remarkable renovation, i Fratelli in Irving, TX now offers diners a truly memorable dining experience in a space that seamlessly blends sophistication and comfort.

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