Project's Summary

Hyundai’s "Modern Premium" Strategy Inspires Innovative Architectural Design

Hyundai’s “Modern Premium” strategy has been the driving force behind the company's recent architectural competition, in which an innovative design concept was sought to be applied to all of Hyundai’s diverse locations. The winning concept was incorporated into the “Global Dealership Space Identity” (GDSI) Manual, which offers flexibility in its implementation. Since 2014, Hyundai showrooms around the world have been adapted or newly built in line with the GDSI guidelines.

Hyundai Motor Studio Goyang in Seoul is a prime example of the GDSI system in action. The building was designed using the Manual’s modular principle, which incorporates three design elements: Landscape, Vertical Green, and Shaped Sky. The design elements are incorporated without disrupting the panoramic view of the space, which features an open and transparent structure where visitors can view automobiles from different perspectives.

The Motor Studio's main challenge was to unite a multitude of functions, including Sales, Brand Center, Museum, and Services, within one structure. These functions are positioned in horizontal areas, one above the other and are connected via the vertical design elements. The overall aim was to create a complete and integral brand experience for Hyundai's customers, allowing them to fully enjoy the high quality of service offered by the company. Symbolically, the Motor Studio represents a journey into a space that stimulates one’s imagination – a journey of a car.

Overall, the Hyundai Motor Studio Goyang project is a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and quality. The GDSI Manual has allowed for consistency in design across all of Hyundai’s locations, while the Motor Studio showcases the company's ability to create a unified brand experience through innovative architectural design.