Project's Summary

Vikar and Lukacs Architects Studio emerges victorious in the highly competitive bid for the design of the Hungarian Autoklub's new iconic headquarters. This architectural masterpiece captures the essence of the organization with a captivating ribbon-like structure that elegantly wraps around the office spaces across seven floors. Not only does it exude architectural brilliance, but it also forms the letter 'a', symbolizing the club's identity.

Strategically located near the Danube bridge, the building serves as a prominent landmark for drivers entering the Ujpest district. Local politicians were delighted with this aspect, as it provides a point of orientation for newcomers. The ground floor houses the main hall and service facilities, catering to the needs of the club and its members. At the pinnacle of the building, nestled beneath a sweeping arc, a rooftop terrace awaits, offering a perfect setting for significant meetings and events.

The looping ribbon, approximately 1.0 meter thick, gracefully meanders through the structure, creating an aesthetically pleasing visual journey. Its changing width and gentle deformations add an element of dynamism and intrigue. This design concept is further reinforced through the choice of materials. The ribbon, devoid of any openings, boasts a sleek metal cladding, while the wrapped building volume is adorned with a striking glass curtainwall.

An environmentally conscious approach was also employed in the construction of this magnificent headquarters. By utilizing a geothermal energy system, the rooftop was freed from any unsightly technical devices, allowing for a seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics. The commitment to sustainable practices underscores the Autoklub's dedication to the preservation of the environment.

In conclusion, Vikar and Lukacs Architects Studio have triumphed in securing the commission for the Hungarian Autoklub's new headquarters. Their innovative design, featuring a captivating ribbon-like structure, not only serves as a landmark for motorists but also encapsulates the spirit of the organization. With its thoughtful incorporation of materials and commitment to sustainable practices, this architectural masterpiece is set to become an iconic symbol of the Autoklub's presence in the Ujpest district.

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