Project's Summary

The Hudson River Valley Home is a remarkable country house built specifically for two young art collectors seeking solace from their bustling city lives. Crafted by the talented architects at Kathryn Scott Design Studio Ltd, this retreat embodies the couple's desire for a simple and sculptural residence that stands out amidst the natural beauty of its surroundings.

The architectural design of this extraordinary dwelling revolves around four equal-sized boxes adorned with corrugated metal panels, creating an unexpected and visually striking home. Its exterior is a true testament to the owners' distinct taste and individuality. However, it is the interior that truly captivates, as it has been intentionally kept minimally furnished to allow the contemporary Chinese art collection of the owners to take center stage.

Careful consideration was given to the orchestration of access to the breathtaking countryside views, ensuring that they subtly enhance the interior without overpowering it. This deliberate approach fosters an atmosphere of introspective intimacy that perfectly complements and highlights the remarkable art pieces within. Natural light gracefully pours through the openings between the outer boxes, resulting in a mesmerizing display of ever-changing sculptures within each room.

The simplicity and meticulous selection of furnishings throughout the Hudson River Valley Home serve as a reflection of the owners' clear vision and personal style. Each piece has been carefully chosen to harmonize with the overall design aesthetic, contributing to the creation of a space that is both visually stunning and deeply personal.

In summary, the Hudson River Valley Home is a testament to the expertise and creativity of the Kathryn Scott Design Studio Ltd. This architectural masterpiece beautifully marries the owners' love for contemporary Chinese art with their desire for a unique and intimate retreat. The resulting design is a true work of art in itself, seamlessly blending into the serene landscape of the Hudson River Valley while standing out as a remarkable statement of modern architecture.

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