Project's Summary

The Hudson Passive Project stands as an extraordinary example of energy conservation and a glimpse into the future of residential architecture. This remarkable prototype home was brought to life through the collaborative efforts of BarlisWedlick Architects LLC, Bill Stratton Building Company, and the support of NYSERDA, the New York State Energy Research Development Authority, via the High Performance Energy Challenge. Nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley, just a couple of hours away from bustling New York City, the project has achieved the prestigious distinction of being the first certified passive house in New York State and ranks among the most energy-efficient homes worldwide.

The brainchild of BarlisWedlick Architects LLC, the Hudson Passive Project showcases the immense potential of energy-saving practices within the realm of residential design. This architectural studio has masterfully crafted a home that seamlessly integrates sustainable features and cutting-edge technology. By prioritizing energy efficiency and environmental consciousness, the architects have created a dwelling that not only reduces its ecological footprint but also provides superior comfort and livability for its occupants.

Constructed by the skilled hands of the Bill Stratton Building Company, the Hudson Passive Project is a testament to the successful collaboration between visionary architects and experienced builders. Every aspect of the house has been meticulously designed and executed to achieve optimal energy performance. From the high-quality insulation and advanced ventilation systems to the airtight construction and triple-glazed windows, every detail has been carefully considered to ensure maximum energy conservation.

With the generous support of NYSERDA and the High Performance Energy Challenge, the Hudson Passive Project has been able to push the boundaries of sustainable living. By surpassing stringent energy efficiency standards, this exceptional home has become a beacon of inspiration for the architectural and residential communities alike. Its location in the stunning Hudson Valley further showcases the seamless integration of sustainable design with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The Hudson Passive Project, a collaborative masterpiece, brings us closer to a future where sustainable architecture is the norm. Through the ingenuity of BarlisWedlick Architects LLC, the craftsmanship of the Bill Stratton Building Company, and the backing of NYSERDA, this project has set a new standard for energy-efficient homes. By demonstrating the immense potential of passive house design, the Hudson Passive Project inspires us all to embrace sustainable practices and strive for a greener future.

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