Project's Summary

TO+WN DESIGN, an architectural studio renowned for its innovative designs, has developed an exceptional project called HOUSE LIGHT / LIGHT HOUSE. This two-part design offers a versatile lighting solution that caters to both daily activities and emergency situations. With its ingenious features, this creation aims to provide users with comfort, practicality, and dependability.

The first part of the design, HOUSE LIGHT, is an adjustable floor light that boasts a unique telescoping mechanism. It consists of a series of segments that can be extended or retracted according to the user's preference. This allows individuals to modulate the amount of light emitted from the fixture, catering to a wide range of activities. In its most compact configuration, the back-lighted translucent modules emit a soft, warm glow, ideal for creating a cozy ambiance. As each segment is raised, a thinner and more translucent portion is revealed, expanding the fixture and increasing the overall brightness. This versatility ensures that the lighting perfectly suits the user's needs.

The second part of the project, LIGHT HOUSE, focuses on providing a portable emergency light integrated into the top of the fixture. This ingenious addition proves invaluable during power outages. Sporting an internal LED, the portable unit is powered by a small rechargeable battery. This battery not only ensures that the emergency light remains operational but also enables users to conveniently recharge their mobile devices. When docked with the main floor light, the portable unit remains charged and ready for use whenever needed. This feature ensures that individuals, whether they are safely at home or navigating darkened streets, are never left without a reliable source of light.

The HOUSE LIGHT / LIGHT HOUSE project is a testament to TO+WN DESIGN's commitment to creating innovative and practical solutions. By combining functionality, adaptability, and convenience, this design successfully meets the diverse lighting requirements of everyday life and emergency situations. Whether one seeks a warm and cozy environment or needs a reliable light source during unforeseen circumstances, this project delivers on all fronts. With its attention to detail and seamless integration of technology, HOUSE LIGHT / LIGHT HOUSE truly sets itself apart as a remarkable lighting solution for all.

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