Project's Summary

Red House" Project by Estudio__Entresitio: A Harmonious Blend of Design and Nature

Nestled in a plot perpendicular to the San Juan swamp, the "Red House" enjoys stunning views and private access to the water along its east borderline. However, due to the ecological value of the swamp and its surrounding vegetation, the plot is subject to a high degree of protection. As such, the design of the house prioritizes the principles of respect towards the natural topography, landscape, and existing vegetation.

The "Red House" is thoughtfully placed below the street level, allowing it to follow the natural topography and levitate above the soil. This design choice creates a harmonious relationship with the environment, characterized by permeability and leveraging. The floor plan of the house is directly influenced by the existing topography and trees, with the layout growing and shortening where possible.

The connection between the entrance level and the water is graduated by three intermediate levels, each providing private spaces for different family members. These levels easily connect to the exterior and the public level of the living room and kitchen, which acts as the navel of the house, located between the parent's level and that of the children's. The resulting facade of the "Red House" does not adhere to traditional orientation to cardinal points. Instead, it acquires the quality of skin, wrapping and protecting the volume of the program in the environment.

The continuous red wooden skin of the "Red House" becomes transparent to capture light and vision when needed, rendering it as a stunning work of art. The project is a testament to the creative and innovative designs of the Estudio__Entresitio architectural studio that seamlessly blends the principles of design and nature. With the "Red House," the studio has once again proven that the key to creating a unique and harmonious design lies in respecting the existing topography and vegetation.

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