Project's Summary

The headquarters of Hotel Tonight showcases an innovative open space plan that fosters collaboration and sparks creativity. Designed by the renowned architectural studio hatch, the space offers a variety of communal gathering areas, including a full bar, kitchen, cafe, and cozy lounge nooks. This thoughtful design promotes a sense of community among employees and inspires them to think outside the box.

One of the standout features of the Hotel Tonight headquarters is the custom-made hotel-inspired reception desk. It boasts a vintage display case, which proudly showcases significant mementos from the company's history. This unique touch serves as a reminder of Hotel Tonight's roots and its commitment to both technology and hospitality.

To further enhance the company's identity, a custom light fixture in the shape of their iconic "H-Bed" logo illuminates the space. This attention to detail reinforces Hotel Tonight's brand and adds a touch of elegance to the overall design.

The furniture and millwork package in the headquarters has been highly customized to create an ambiance reminiscent of a trendy hotel lobby. Tasteful lounge seating invites employees and guests to relax and enjoy the workspace, while an elegant cafe provides a cozy spot for informal meetings and breaks. The strategically positioned bar offers panoramic views of the lively and bustling Market Street below, providing a vibrant backdrop for collaborative discussions.

Overall, the Hotel Tonight headquarters embodies a perfect blend of technology and hospitality. The open space plan, communal gathering areas, and unique custom details all contribute to a work environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. With its chic design and inviting atmosphere, this space truly feels like a hip hotel lobby where employees and guests can thrive.

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