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Guangxi Yan: A Captivating Fusion of Nature and Culture

Guangxi Yan, a project crafted by the esteemed architectural studio WUXING YOUXING SPACE DESIGN, is a mesmerizing embodiment of the enchanting landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Guangxi. Nestled amidst the bustling city, this miniature version of "mysterious Guangxi" brings forth the extraordinary natural beauty of the region, inviting guests to immerse themselves in its captivating allure.

Guangxi, with its awe-inspiring scenery, is a true gift from Mother Nature. Tucked away behind majestic mountains, this region, which was once a part of the Baiyue region in ancient times, boasts a landscape that is simply unparalleled. Sprawling hills and mountains adorn the southern part of Guangxi, while five magnificent peaks wind their way through the north. The meandering Lijiang River, often likened to a jade belt nestled among the mountains, stretches a remarkable 164 kilometers through Guilin and Yangshuo, offering a breathtaking panorama. For over a thousand years, the poetic beauty of the Lijiang River has captivated hearts and minds, earning it well-deserved acclaim.

In our modern world, it is easy to overlook the awe-inspiring beauty that lies beneath our feet as we live amidst towering skyscrapers. Guangxi Yan seeks to bridge this gap by bringing the splendor of Guangxi's natural landscapes to the heart of the city. Drawing inspiration from traditional Guangxi cultural elements, the design of Guangxi Yan weaves together a cohesive spatial narrative. Through meticulous concentration and artistic refinement, numerous representative local elements have been thoughtfully incorporated into the space. The journey from the Guangxi landscape to the dining table unveils unique regional characteristics, allowing diners to fully immerse themselves in the brand's values within an immersive ambiance.

Upon approaching the restaurant, one is greeted by a fa├žade reminiscent of a grand drum tower, an iconic feature of local traditional architecture. Stepping into the hall, guests are welcomed by two roofless Zhuang houses, showcasing the mortise and tenon structures that are characteristic of the region. This roofless design pays homage to the Zhuang people's tradition of inviting esteemed guests, relatives, and friends to partake in banquets held in newly constructed houses. The hall serves as a prelude to the captivating experience that awaits.

Every corner of Guangxi Yan is adorned with elements that pay tribute to the rich cultural tapestry of Guangxi. From the landscapes of the Lijiang River and the rock paintings of Hua Mountain to the Longji Rice Terraces and the intricate silver ornaments of the Zhuang people, each element stands on its own yet remains interconnected within the ethnic culture of Guangxi. Behind the doors of each private dining room lies a unique and mysterious realm that reveals the diverse cultural heritage of Guangxi.

The design of Guangxi Yan seamlessly blends traditional elements with a modern expression, resulting in a truly captivating experience. The atrium features a partition that stretches from the first floor to the third floor, creating a magnificent effect. Crafted from translucent, ink-wash resin materials, the partition mimics the undulating mountains and winding rivers of the local karst topography. As one's gaze extends, the partition seems to ripple like rolling hills and flowing rivers. Elaborately designed micro mountain and water landscapes, arranged in an artfully random manner, echo the partition, blurring the boundaries between the real and the virtual, and bringing nature into the space. The overall design evokes images of distant mountains, gurgling water, lush trees, and weathered stones that define the landscape of Guangxi. With elements of twisting roads, streams, bridges, and houses, the space paints a picture of a grand banquet celebrating the completion of a new residence. Every object and emotion resonates harmoniously with one another.

Traditional elements are showcased in unconventional and unique forms, such as sculptures depicting distinctive scenes, the characteristic patterns of Zhuang brocade embedded in staircase handrails, curtains adorned with Zhuang silver ornaments, bronze drum-shaped lighting fixtures, thematic art installations on the walls, and traditional symbols inlaid on wood and carved into stones. These elements seamlessly blend the regional ethnic features with an Oriental ambience, creating an atmosphere that is both familiar and enchanting.

Guangxi Yan is a testament to the captivating fusion of nature and culture. It transforms the captivating local scenery, rich history, and humanistic aesthetics nurtured by Guangxi's beautiful landscapes into immersive dining experiences. With its innate purity and primitiveness, this space is akin to a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered, unveiling its beauty to those who embark on this remarkable journey.

Project Details:
- Project Name: Guangxi Yan
- Location: Nanning, Guangxi
- Area: 1,700 Square Meters
- Completion Time: September 2021

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