Project's Summary

The architectural design for the grocery store project by Messner Architects was inspired by the site's unique positioning and orientation within the lot. The team paid close attention to the site's morphological aspects, including the undulating meadows that sloped gently in an eastward direction and the wooded hill and bypassing road that surrounded it. These natural features influenced the design and shaped the overall character of the area, which was characterized by summer mansions, gardens, promenades, and stone walls.

To integrate the store seamlessly into its surroundings, a retaining wall was built to enclose the lot on the uphill side. The wall ascended in a westward direction and fell off towards the east, ultimately closing southwards to form the boundary of the property. The main access to the store was provided through the main street, leading directly to the parking area. Behind the building, a hidden space between the structure and the surrounding wall was designated for the supply of goods.

The building itself consisted primarily of the sales room for the greengrocery and flower shop, as well as administrative spaces that housed stock, offices, a bathroom, and a heating room. The administrative spaces were located towards the north, forming the backbone of the building, while the sales room opened up to the south. The roof of the building was designed as a heavy slab, creating a covered forecourt that resembled a market-like setting. Generous cut-outs in the roof allowed natural light to trickle down, giving the impression that the roof was almost floating.

The roof construction was supported by three pillars and two cores, while the entire facade of the building remained autonomous from the statical system. This design choice created a striking contrast between the roof's stringent body and the gentle lines of the surrounding landscape. The outer walls of the store seamlessly merged with the natural environment, blurring the boundaries between the outside, covered forecourt, and inside. Stainless steel shelves and a rough sawn larch wood-clad counter added to the aesthetic appeal of the space.

The Messner Architects' grocery store project successfully integrated the building into its natural surroundings through careful consideration of the site's morphological aspects. The design embraced the undulating meadows, wooded hill, and bypassing road, while also meeting the functional requirements for the premises. The result was a visually striking store that harmonized with the character of the area and created a unique shopping experience for customers.

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