Project's Summary

At the heart of GitHub's technology lies a strong emphasis on social collaboration. This philosophy is not only evident in the physical office space, but also in the design process itself. The company believes in seamless collaboration between clients, interior designers, architects, builders, and local manufacturers. The primary objective of the design was to create a workspace that could accommodate different work styles and evolve over time.

As a company that was founded in local cafes and bars, GitHub wanted to incorporate the same kind of environment into their workspace. This not only pays homage to the company's roots, but also provides alternative work settings for its employees. In addition to a café on each floor, the three-story workspace features a full bar, a commercial kitchen, themed conference rooms, phone rooms, a meditation room, and even a hidden speakeasy. The variety of environments allows GitHub employees to have the freedom to choose where they work and encourages a sense of ownership.

GitHub also wanted its space to be open to the surrounding community. They invite non-profits and tech start-ups to host their meetings, conferences, and events in their massive first floor area. The design of this space embraces the hip, warm industrial aesthetic of local bars and restaurants, making it an integrated part of the neighborhood. The design also pays homage to the building's history as a dried fruit packing warehouse in the early 1900s, with the use of vintage shipping containers and a faux railroad.

GitHub prides itself on being an approachable company with a playful spirit. This is evident in the many themed conference rooms, such as the "Situation Room," "Rat Pack" room, and even an exact replica of the Oval Office as their reception. The company wants its guests to feel important, and what better way to make someone feel important than by sitting in the Oval Office?

Overall, GitHub's workspace design reflects its commitment to social collaboration and community engagement. The variety of environments and the focus on creating a sense of ownership for employees promote authentic interaction and collaboration. The company's playful spirit shines through in the themed conference rooms, adding a touch of personality to the workspace. GitHub's approachable nature and dedication to creating a unique and inviting workspace truly sets it apart.

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