Project's Summary

Georgia Avenue Redevelopment Project: Revitalizing a Historic Site

Kronberg Urbanists + Architects (KUA), a renowned architectural studio, recently undertook an ambitious project to breathe new life into the neglected parcels along Georgia Avenue. Situated in the Summerhill neighborhood, this area holds great historical significance as it witnessed several pivotal events in Atlanta's civil rights movement. KUA's expertise in masterplanning and renovations made them the perfect fit for this endeavor.

Over the years, the neighborhood had fallen into disrepair, with only minor cosmetic work carried out prior to the 1996 Olympics. The construction of the former Turner Field had caused a decline in the area, leaving it dormant and forgotten. However, beneath the crumbling facades, KUA recognized the untapped potential for a vibrant community. Their vision aimed to stitch together these underutilized parcels and create a dynamic environment that would honor the area's rich history.

KUA's strategy for the redevelopment of the district centered around maximizing outdoor shared spaces and minimizing vehicle parking. By doing so, they aimed to transform the area into a walkable destination, despite facing budget constraints during the initial phase. The masterplanning phase concluded successfully, leading to the next stage of the project – the renovation of eight existing buildings and the construction of two new ones.

Given the historical significance of the site, KUA's design team opted for a light touch when it came to cosmetic work. Extensive structural repairs were necessary to render the buildings habitable once again. However, the team recognized the value of preserving the existing murals and graffiti that adorned the crumbling facades. These remnants served as a testament to the area's unique character and became an integral part of its story in this new chapter of redevelopment.

The Georgia Avenue Redevelopment Project, led by KUA, is on track to breathe new life into this historic site. Through their expertise in masterplanning and renovations, KUA aims to transform the neglected parcels into a vibrant and walkable destination. By preserving the area's unique character and historical significance, the project promises to honor Atlanta's civil rights history while creating a thriving community for the future.

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