Project's Summary

Locus Architecture, a renowned architectural studio, recently completed a unique project that combined a farmhouse and a luthier studio. The clients, who both grew up in farming communities, had a strong interest in rural forms and wanted their new house to embody the classic farmhouse-and-barn ensemble. The result was a stunning combination of rustic charm and musical creativity.

The construction of this extraordinary project brought together a diverse group of collaborators under Locus' umbrella. Alongside the clients, there was a MnDOT road-crew worker responsible for the siding, a couple of talented high school seniors who worked on the stone work, a retiree teacher who skillfully crafted the cabinets, a luthier apprentice who expertly handled the roofing, and a freelance color consultant who added the finishing touches. This team effort allowed the incorporation of various salvaged materials, such as 2,500 board feet of Douglas fir, 30 abandoned windows, 800 square feet of pine sheathing, 1,500 square feet of hem fir flooring rescued from a nearby demolished farmhouse, and 1,000 board feet of mill-second pine siding.

The project not only embraced a rural vernacular vocabulary but also paid homage to the tradition and spirit of a barn raising. The collaborative and open nature of the design and construction process played a crucial role in the project's success. An interesting example of this is the house's tall signature dormer, which came about serendipitously. While taking a break during the construction of the third-floor deck, the team noticed a picturesque hillock in the distance, visible only from one spot on the floor. This discovery led to the decision to capture the view, and a new dormer was sketched on the floor deck, where it remains hidden beneath the flooring to this day.

The remarkable Farm House & Luthier Studio project by Locus Architecture gained recognition and acclaim in the architectural community. It was featured in Midwest Home and Garden in 2001, highlighting its exceptional design and craftsmanship. Additionally, Locus received an AIA Minneapolis Merit Award in 2003 for their outstanding work on this residence. The project also caught the attention of the Star Tribune, which selected it as their Home of the Month in 2004, further cementing its status as an architectural masterpiece.

In summary, the Farm House & Luthier Studio project by Locus Architecture is a testament to the studio's ability to bring together diverse talents and incorporate salvaged materials to create something truly remarkable. This project not only captures the essence of rural living but also showcases the creativity and innovation that can arise from open and collaborative design and construction processes. Its recognition and accolades are well-deserved, solidifying its place as an architectural gem.

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