Project's Summary

Prize-Winning Entry for the Extension of the European School in Munich

The European School in Munich is set to undergo an exciting transformation with the introduction of a new building, designed by the renowned XPEKT architectural studio. This innovative concept takes inspiration from the existing structure, embracing the concept of natural growth. The new building seamlessly integrates with the DNA of the original, reflecting its entrance, circulation, air space, and overall structure.

At the heart of this extraordinary design lies a dense void, a paradoxical space that serves as the focal point of the building. This vast meeting space not only offers framed views of the surrounding area but also creates intimate spaces that foster a sense of warmth and community within the school. The clever hybridized structure, balanced between rationality and irrationality, provides an ideal environment for dreaming and relaxation.

The XPEKT architectural studio has masterfully crafted a building that truly embodies the essence of the European School in Munich. By mirroring the original building's characteristics, the new extension seamlessly blends in with its surroundings. Students and faculty alike will be able to enjoy a harmonious transition between the existing and new spaces, fostering a sense of continuity and unity.

The concept behind the extension of the European School in Munich not only addresses the practical need for additional space but also recognizes the importance of creating an environment that inspires and nurtures its occupants. The XPEKT architectural studio's design offers a unique and refreshing take on educational architecture, providing students with a place where they can thrive and grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

In conclusion, the prize-winning entry for the extension of the European School in Munich, created by the esteemed XPEKT architectural studio, presents a visionary design that seamlessly integrates with the existing building. With its dense void and hybridized structure, this innovative concept creates a space that encourages dreaming, relaxation, and a sense of warm intimacy at the heart of the school. The extension promises to transform the European School in Munich, providing an inspiring and nurturing environment for its students and faculty.

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