Project's Summary

Europan 12 has recently made an announcement that marks a significant shift in the paradigm of urban planning. In today's rapidly changing world, where social, political, environmental, economic, and technological aspects are constantly evolving, it becomes crucial to question whether our cities are responsive enough to these dynamic conditions. Europan 12 argues that modern cities are often too rigid and static, lacking the ability to adapt to the ever-shifting needs and conditions of their inhabitants. To address this issue, Europan 12 presents a groundbreaking project titled "On the Move," which challenges the conventional top-down urban planning approach and redefines the relationship between the city and its users.

The "On the Move" project aims to rethink and reimagine the urban development process, empowering individuals by giving them the ability and opportunity to actively contribute to the planning and development of their cities. This innovative framework and toolkit consist of three major tools: The Cloud, The Rules, and The Prototypologies. By utilizing these tools, people can now actively participate in the design process, enabling them to make decisions on how their city is designed, how it grows, and, most importantly, how it is used.

Although the outcome of this participatory approach may appear chaotic at first glance, it is, in fact, a form of organization that embraces the unpredictability and dynamism brought by free will and freedom of choice. The reconceptualization of the city is a collective endeavor, resulting in a highly flexible and responsive urban environment that celebrates the intense, diverse, and complex character of a metropolis. This project invites everyone to take ownership of their city, shaping it according to their needs and desires.

The "On the Move" project, created by the Bluefoamit architectural studio, has been awarded the Second Prize in Europan 12. It represents a radical departure from traditional urban planning methods and encourages a bottom-up approach that places the power of decision-making in the hands of the people. Through this groundbreaking initiative, cities have the potential to become more adaptable, inclusive, and reflective of their inhabitants' aspirations. Europan 12 invites everyone to join this exciting movement and welcomes you to experience the city in a completely new light – as YOUR city.

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