Project's Summary

Eriso House, designed by the renowned architectural studio Agraz Arquitectos S.C., stands out from the crowd due to its unique characteristics and innovative approach. Named after a clever play on words based on the names of its occupants, this house represents a new era for the firm, with a focus on enhancing its architectural language and exploring new design elements.

One of the most striking features of Eriso House is its exceptional location. Surrounded by lush gardens and secluded street ways, it stands alone with only one adjacent house. The site itself is uneven, with the street located below the house. This clever design choice not only provides breathtaking views of the gardens but also eliminates the presence of automobiles, creating a serene and peaceful environment.

The main facade of Eriso House faces a small lake in the public garden of the suburb, offering a mesmerizing view from every corner of the house. The architects have capitalized on this unique perspective by ensuring that the most important spaces are oriented towards the lake. By combining scenic beauty with thoughtful design, they have created a harmonious integration of indoor and outdoor spaces.

The house is primarily developed on a single floor, with the living and dining rooms, terrace, main bedroom, and kitchen all overlooking the artificial lake. A small hall acts as a buffer zone, maintaining privacy while bridging the gap between the public and private areas. The children's bedrooms are given a touch of intimacy with the addition of an aluminum shutter designed by artist Adrian Guerrero.

In addition to the main floor, there are two rooms on the second level. A studio with panoramic views of the garden and its own terrace provides a serene workspace, while a guest room ensures complete privacy and even has its own independent laundry room.

Eriso House is a testament to the architectural prowess of Agraz Arquitectos. The absence of neighboring limits and the careful consideration given to landscape design make this house truly exceptional. The collaboration with Alvaro Morales has resulted in stunning green areas that seamlessly blend with the overall project, further enhancing its beauty and uniqueness. Eriso House sets a new standard for contemporary design, showcasing the firm's commitment to innovation and creating spaces that inspire.