Project's Summary

The Elie Tahari Fashion Design Office and warehouse complex, located in suburban New Jersey, has undergone a remarkable transformation. The original building, a dull storage facility surrounded by parking lots and industrial structures, lacked the inspiring environment that a fashion designer like Elie Tahari desired. Recognizing the need for a sustainable solution, the architectural firm Voorsanger Architects PC proposed an innovative design that brought light and nature into the workspace.

To achieve this, the architects introduced two new courtyard spaces by cutting into the existing structure. These courtyards, set within the office facility, not only frame the main entrance but also infuse the office interior with natural light and outdoor ambiance. The perimeter of the interior is adorned with suspended white scrim, allowing filtered light to permeate the space and offering translucent views of the surrounding environment. The strategic placement of the courtyards ensures they are central to the office layout and activities, creating a symmetrical and harmonious entry axis.

The architects took a thoughtful approach in designing the courtyards, ensuring they served a purpose beyond aesthetics. Rather than solely providing attractive views, the gardens also enhance the overall work experience. The transparent edges of the courtyards allow the natural elements to be enjoyed from deep within the office space, creating a connection between the indoors and outdoors. This integration of nature and architecture fosters a more productive and enjoyable working environment for the staff.

The Elie Tahari Fashion Design Office project stands as an exemplar of how architectural design can transform a mundane building into an inspiring workspace. The innovative addition of courtyards not only brings natural light and landscape inside but also creates a harmonious balance between nature and the working environment. With its emphasis on sustainability and thoughtful design, this project by Voorsanger Architects PC showcases the potential to reimagine and revitalize existing structures, turning them into spaces that truly inspire creativity and productivity.