Project's Summary

Nestled in the tranquil and secluded area of the Broadview neighborhood in northwest Seattle, lies a remarkable mid-century modern home that has recently undergone a stunning transformation. The Elford Remodel project, undertaken by the esteemed architectural studio grouparchitect, has breathed new life into this 1950s-era gem, expanding its living spaces and updating its features to meet contemporary standards.

One of the key objectives of this renovation was to enhance the functionality of the home's main floor. The original kitchen and dining nook, which were modestly sized by today's standards, have been expanded to provide a more spacious and inviting atmosphere. This allows for a more seamless flow between the kitchen and dining areas, perfect for entertaining family and friends. The remodel also includes the addition of an upper floor master suite, offering a private retreat for the homeowners.

While the Elford Remodel has brought about significant changes to the home, it has been done with great respect to the original architecture. Designed by the renowned architect Theo Damm in the 1950s, this mid-century modern dwelling boasts timeless features that have been carefully preserved throughout the years. The indoor-outdoor connection, vaulted ceilings, window walls, and large roof overhangs are just some of the architectural elements that make this home truly exceptional.

In addition to the interior remodel, the Elford Remodel project has also prioritized energy efficiency by updating the home's windows to meet current energy codes. This not only improves the home's insulation and reduces energy consumption but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

The Elford Remodel project stands as a testament to the enduring beauty and functionality of mid-century modern design. With its seamless blend of original features and contemporary updates, this northwest Seattle home offers a serene and stylish living space that is sure to captivate all who enter. The dedication and expertise of the grouparchitect team shine through in every detail, making this remodel a true masterpiece of modern architecture.

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