Project's Summary

Nestled in the heart of downtown Mexico City, at the intersection of Republica de Argentina and Justo Sierra, lies El Mayor. Perched atop the renowned Porrua bookstore, this unique establishment is a haven for both food enthusiasts and contemplative souls. El Mayor pays homage to its surroundings, embracing the past and present that have shaped it. It stands as a silent observer, overlooking the Palacio Nacional, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the remnants of the ancient temples of Tenochtitlan.

As you approach El Mayor, a brass structure frames the entrance, doubling as a large planter adorned with carefully selected botanical varieties. This subtle integration of structural elements establishes a seamless connection throughout the space. The restaurant can accommodate up to 150 diners, with a black granite floor that perfectly complements the table tops, crafted from the same material. The walls are adorned with a contemporary wallpaper featuring soft green hues, adorned with round champagne mirrors that create an illusion of spaciousness. The terrace boasts a balcony and showcases an exclusive collection of cacti from all corners of Mexico, offering breathtaking views of the Templo Mayor archeological site.

One of the defining features of El Mayor is the juxtaposition of its two bars. One bar exudes a modernized cantina style, paying tribute to the early 20th century. The other bar, meanwhile, serves as a focal point where masa (corn dough) is expertly tossed onto a large comal right before the diners' eyes. Both bars are adorned with meticulously crafted cement tiles, a testament to the skill of artisans from Oaxaca.

El Mayor masterfully reinterprets Mexico's cultural heritage, presenting a contemporary expression of the country's cherished traditions. With elements reminiscent of classic cantinas, inviting patios, and fires that evoke the rich diversity of Mexican cuisine, El Mayor embraces its roots and serves as a starting point for the creation of its unique space.

Created by the Álvaro H. Félix Studio architectural studio, El Mayor is a testament to their vision and dedication to preserving and showcasing Mexico's rich history and culture. This remarkable project seamlessly combines the old and the new, inviting visitors to indulge in a culinary experience that is both captivating and unforgettable. El Mayor stands as a symbol of Mexico's enduring spirit and serves as a reminder of the nation's vibrant past.

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