Project's Summary

E House, located in Puerta de Hierro, Zapopan, Jalisco, is the fourth project built by Ricardo Agraz for his clients. Over the years, the family has undergone several changes, leading to constant moving. Despite this, E House manages to establish a subtle and peaceful dialogue with its neighboring houses, standing out as a remarkable architectural feat.

The design of E House takes into account the complexities of the site, resulting in a dynamic layout that maximizes the available space. The building is constructed along three borders, creating expansive exterior areas that are visually captivating. The centerpiece of the house is a large central patio, enclosed by a wooden lattice that controls the play of light and shadow. This patio serves as the hub of family activity, providing a serene and inviting atmosphere.

A double-height space, housing the entrance and foyer, complements the central patio. This area is brought to life by a circular stairway that gracefully leads to the second floor. The play of light within the house is of utmost importance and is expertly utilized to create a sense of splendor. The use of wide open white spaces not only enhances the natural light but also establishes a connection with the surrounding gardens. Through carefully placed windows, the rooms of E House seamlessly interact with the outside, capturing the beauty of the noble gardens and the terrain's geometry and movement.

The architectural language of E House is characterized by the use of natural building materials, which exude elegance and simplicity. The design is devoid of unnecessary ornamentation, emphasizing clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. The house stands as a testament to the power of architecture in transforming simple spatial conditions into extraordinary living spaces. Every detail has been carefully considered, resulting in a harmonious and refined environment.

In conclusion, E House represents the mastery of Agraz Arquitectos S.C. in creating exceptional residential projects. From its strategic layout to the thoughtful use of light and materials, every aspect of the house is a testament to the studio's expertise. E House seamlessly weaves together functionality, aesthetics, and a deep appreciation for the surrounding environment. It is a true architectural gem that stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of well-designed spaces.