Project's Summary

Eclectic Mix of Victorian and Hippie in San Francisco's Clayton Street Residence

The Clayton Street Residence in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury neighborhood is a unique blend of 19th-century Victorian details and 1960s California Hippie interventions. The property was remodeled in 2008 to enhance its flow of space and to allow for more natural light to enter the residence while still celebrating its unique combination of styles.

Double-Story Heart

The heart of the property lies in its double-story space that connects the two levels. The public living space on the entry floor is connected to the more private sleeping quarters on the upper level by a solid butcher-block stairway and bridge. The stair and bridge were built using recycled floorboards from the existing attic floor, adding to the property's former hippie flat ethos.

Roof Dormers

Roof dormers were added to accommodate a bathroom and offer sweeping views of the city. This addition enhances the property's Victorian roots while still allowing for a modern twist.

Hand-Made Wooden Longboard-Like Swing

As a contribution to this quirky family home, a hand-made wooden longboard-like swing hangs from the bridge. This addition adds to the property's unique blend of styles and emphasizes its former hippie flat ethos.

The Clayton Street Residence is a testament to the Mork Ulnes Architects' creative abilities to blend two distinct styles into one cohesive and beautiful property. Its unique combination of Victorian and Hippie styles is a must-see for anyone looking to experience San Francisco's diverse architectural history.

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