Project's Summary

KITE Architects has recently unveiled their latest project, a stunning residence located in Charlestown Beach. Situated along one of the most picturesque coastlines on the eastern seaboard, this new home was designed to celebrate its waterfront site with an elegant and thoughtful approach to its surroundings, space, and materials.

Building responsibly and for the long term were key considerations for KITE Architects, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which had devastating effects on the region. As a result, the project adheres to stringent coastline standards for new construction. The structure has been elevated, and a 'break-away' story has been incorporated on the lowest level, seamlessly integrated into the overall design to avoid a 'stilted' effect.

The decision to elevate the house not only meets the necessary requirements but also creates a unique asset. The uppermost floor features open living areas that offer panoramic views of the horizon, allowing residents to fully appreciate the breathtaking surroundings. This strategic design choice transforms a potential challenge into a captivating feature of the residence.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Charlestown Beach House is also designed to be ultra-energy efficient. Passive solar techniques have been incorporated into the design, ensuring that the house remains comfortable throughout the year. Collaborating with builders Newport Renewables, the project also incorporates energy-saving building techniques such as the use of SIPS panels, further enhancing its sustainability.

The beauty of the Charlestown Beach House lies in its simplicity and meticulous attention to detail. The upper porch, for instance, is a recess carved from the main volume, framing the horizon with its overhead supports. Every aspect of the house's placement has been carefully considered to optimize sight-lines of the ocean while avoiding views of neighboring properties. Projecting bays in the bedrooms and bathrooms not only provide ample natural light and privacy but also direct one's gaze towards the captivating waterfront.

Clad entirely in vertical western red cedar, the house exudes a sense of understated elegance. The arrangement of the cedar panels cascades across the projections and recesses, creating a visually striking pattern. The result is a meticulously crafted residence that harmoniously blends with its natural surroundings, offering breathtaking vistas of the sky and water.

In conclusion, KITE Architects has created a masterpiece on Charlestown Beach. Their design seamlessly integrates the house with its waterfront site, elevating it both physically and aesthetically. With a focus on energy efficiency and a careful attention to detail, this residence truly celebrates the beauty of its surroundings while providing a comfortable and sustainable living space.

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