Project's Summary

The Grand Paris Factory: A Unique Housing Project by BFV ARCHITECTES

BFV ARCHITECTES has created a unique housing project that is part of The Grand Paris Factory, located just ten kilometers east of Paris. The project, which includes 60 housing units, is an urban signal for the transition between the future neighborhood, the fabric of single-family homes outside the development area, and the housing project to the south.

Variations on a Theme: A Homogeneous yet Diverse Residential Building

The private residential building consists of 60 housing units that vary in height between 3 and 8 floors. The five shapes emerging from a common base ensure a sense of urban continuity to the entire residential building while also creating a sense of homogeneity. The variations within the building create a number of angles that give many of the housing units a dual orientation, with 50% of the apartments having a dual exposure and 20% having a triple exposure. Wide loggias run along the façades, creating additional shared space between the living room and kitchen.

What Rough Feels Like: A Graphic Quality that Stands Out

The building is made of tinted rough concrete and sided with concrete and metal. The rough concrete walls with a simple, honest surface are punctuated by holes made by the formwork panels. The concrete becomes a skin, asking to be touched and caressed. Its “wet-matte” look has a graphic quality that stands out against the rigorousness of the composition. The juxtaposition of tinted concrete and lacquered metal creates a dialogue between the rough, opaque material and a filtered, diffracted light.

Inside-Outside: Generous Views and Shared Spaces

Lacquered, perforated metal siding filters the sunlight and provides privacy. The open loggias offer generous views of the outside from various rooms with the same apartment. An alley connects to all the hallways of the different structures and is bordered by a series of small wood cabins that house various common areas. These spaces can be appropriated by anyone and everyone and are meant to recall garden cabins. The shared base of the five structures is located 120 cm above ground level, granting a sense of intimacy to the ground floor apartments.

In conclusion, BFV ARCHITECTES has created a unique and sustainable housing project that blends rough concrete and metal with generous open spaces and shared areas. The Grand Paris Factory is a successful example of urban development that prioritizes high-quality and accessible housing while promoting sustainable urban development.

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