Project's Summary

Campbell Mithun Work Cafe: A Collaborative Office Renovation

Campbell Mithun, an advertising agency based in Minneapolis, recently underwent a major office renovation with the help of Snow Kreilich Architects. The project aimed to create a more open and collaborative workspace, which involved rethinking the existing spaces and implementing a larger master plan. The result is a stunning office that reflects the company's culture and values.

Defining Spaces: The Strategy Behind the Renovation

The first step in the renovation process was to define spaces into four categories: "I", "We", "Shared", and "Owned". This strategy allowed the entire client team to engage in the design process and understand how their program can inform and transform culture within the organization. The "I" spaces refer to individual workstations, while the "We" spaces are designed for group work. The "Shared" spaces are common areas, such as the "work café", while the "Owned" spaces are private offices and conference rooms.

Phase One: The Work Cafe and Lobby Renovation

The first phase of the project involved adding a "work café" and renovating the lobby space. The "work café" was designed to balance work and play, providing a social gathering space for employees. The space has been incredibly well-received, becoming the primary agency meeting area, lunch space, and preferred teaming work area. The visual connection to the skyline view and diversity of working spaces allows for small, medium, and large groups to gather simultaneously. The project also redesigned the main lobby and elevator lobbies on each floor, presenting a fresh image for clients and staff.

A New Era for Campbell Mithun

The Campbell Mithun office renovation has ushered in a new era for the advertising agency. The open and collaborative workspace reflects the company's culture and values, fostering creativity and innovation. The "work café" has become a hub for socialization and collaboration, while the redesigned lobby spaces present a modern and welcoming image to clients and staff alike. The success of the project can be attributed to the strategic approach, which involved defining spaces and engaging the client team in the design process.

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