Project's Summary

The inspiration behind the name "Buddha's House" comes from a client who has spent many years collecting Vajrayana Buddharupa, resulting in a magnificent collection. The main focus of this project was to create a sanctuary-like space that would primarily exhibit these Buddharupa, while also providing a secondary purpose of living and meditating. The solemn and respectful nature of Vajrayana is evident in the impressive form of each Buddharupa, which is considered a unique artwork deserving of collection.

To design the space, the concept of a micro-museum served as the basis, with the aim of showcasing the Buddharupa in a way that removes the customary luxury of a mandala. Instead, the emphasis was placed on simplicity and plainness, using geometric layering, falling, breaking, and hollowing as the connecting elements between the individual and the space. The sculpture gallery itself exudes a sense of mystery, hiding secrets within its walls. The interplay of natural light throughout the day adds another dimension to the appreciation of the Buddharupa and the materials used.

The color scheme, predominantly in shades of grey, creates a balance between strength and lightness, providing a comforting atmosphere for visitors. The incorporation of purple symbolizes the aura of the Buddha and suggests a noble innate quality. The elegant arches found in the lintels and skylines resemble a smiling and kind face, further enhancing the warm and relaxing ambiance of the space.

Faith plays a crucial role in comforting our hearts and nurturing our spirit. It can be expressed tangibly or exist as an intangible concept. Regardless of its form, the purity of the container in which faith resides has the power to subside and filter out impurities. Buddha's House aims to provide such a container, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the serene and spiritual environment, finding solace and inspiration within its walls.

In summary, the Buddha's House project, created by PENY HSIEH INTERIORS architectural studio, is a remarkable endeavor that showcases the beauty and significance of Vajrayana Buddharupa. The space not only serves as a gallery for exhibiting these magnificent artworks but also provides a tranquil retreat for living and meditating. By embracing simplicity and incorporating elements that evoke a sense of peace, Buddha's House creates an environment that nurtures the spirit and offers visitors a profound experience.

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