Project's Summary

Bobbin Tech Office: A Space for Creativity, Collaboration, and Relaxation

The new Bobbin Tech office, designed by YUZO Design, is a renovated space that provides ample room for the company's employees to work, research, socialize, and relax. Located at the Longgang incubator center in Shenzhen, China, Bobbin Tech is a startup that specializes in robotics and AI technology. With two large office rooms, a lab, and a hub, the company has created an environment that empowers creativity, attracts talent, and blurs the boundaries between work, research, prototyping, and marketing.

The Bobbin Hub: A Space for Welcoming Visitors and Socializing

The Bobbin Hub serves as the main lounge space for the company, providing a welcoming area for visitors, hosting meetings and events, and allowing employees to relax and socialize. There is no formal reception space, but a built-in reception desk serves as an extension of the wall surface, flexibly differentiating two space zones. Behind the reception desk, movable chairs and coffee tables offer a casual meeting space, while the wood surface on the walls and furniture, coupled with dark carpet, creates a casual business atmosphere. Three meeting spaces, one large and two small, are adjacent to the lounge area, accommodating meetings of various group sizes. The recessed linear light in the large conference room was inspired by the company's logo.

Bobbin Lab: A Space for Collaboration and Prototyping

Bobbin Lab houses the main office area and maker space. The main office is spatially defined by the expanded metal ceiling panels and dark carpet, corresponding to each other in both form and color. Maker space is next to the main office, with a glass partition allowing visual access and acoustic barrier. The great visual access between the two work zones enables the team members to collaborate and synchronize better. The orange accent color echoes the company's theme color and the research institution interior where the founders used to study and work for multiple years. The area defined by the orange color and recessed LED linear light sets up a delightful atmosphere and a stage to present the newly prototyped products.

A Space for Empowering Creativity and Attracting Talent

The design goal of this project was to create diverse workplace settings that empower creativity, attract talent, and blur the boundaries between work, research, prototyping, and marketing. With the Bobbin Hub and Bobbin Lab, Bobbin Tech has created an environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and relaxation. The design elements, such as the wood surfaces, dark carpet, and recessed linear lights, create a casual business atmosphere that is both welcoming and inspiring. With this new office space, Bobbin Tech is well-positioned to continue its work in robotics and AI technology while attracting top talent and creating a culture of innovation.

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