Project's Summary

Beijing's Aide Mansion, a service apartment complex built in the vibrant Sanlitun area back in 1995, has long been a favorite among expatriates. However, with the rapid development and emergence of modern buildings in the neighborhood, the apartment complex has gradually lost its competitive edge. In an effort to restore its prominence, the new owner has entrusted WVA Architects with the task of completely redesigning both the exterior and interior spaces, aiming to transform it into a symbol of high-end service apartments in Sanlitun.

The original façade of Aide Mansion, adorned with old-fashioned tiles, no longer harmonizes with the trendy aesthetics of the surrounding constructions in Sanlitun. To address this issue, WVA Architects have opted to use aluminum and copper plates as the primary design elements for the façade, creating a striking contrast of colors and textures that adds depth and complexity to the structure. Additionally, the windows have been enlarged to allow for ample natural light to permeate the interior. The architects have also taken into consideration the often overlooked fire stopping system, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with the overall elevation design.

Taking into account the building's frame, orientation, and available space, the designers have meticulously optimized the existing structure by expanding areas that are not constrained by the roof beam. This approach not only enhances residential comfort but also ensures the functionality of the space. The ventilation patio has been coated with environmentally friendly and lightweight materials, providing a bright and airy environment for the redesigned bathrooms and kitchens located nearby. Each apartment has been individually optimized to cater to the specific needs of clients, considering factors such as age, preferences, and more. To further enhance the overall experience, intelligent home systems and high-end furniture have been incorporated. The project is set to be completed in just two months.

In summary, the Aide Mansion refurbishment project by WVA Architects in Beijing aims to revitalize the service apartment complex and elevate it to the level of its cutting-edge counterparts in Sanlitun. Through the use of modern design elements, such as aluminum and copper plates, the façade has been transformed into a visually appealing and harmonious structure. The interior spaces have been optimized to provide maximum comfort and functionality, with each apartment tailored to meet the unique requirements of its occupant. With the addition of intelligent home systems and high-end furniture, the overall client experience is set to be greatly enhanced.

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