Project's Summary

The Vilchinskaya Design Bureau architectural studio successfully executed a design project for a beauty salon in 2020. Housed in a newly built 120 sq. m. space, the salon boasts a stunning combination of white and pink metal, fulfilling one of the client's key requirements. As the front windows face north, the studio cleverly utilized light nude shades, reflective surfaces, and vibrant furniture to compensate for the lack of natural sunlight. The soft and delicate ambiance was achieved through the incorporation of pale blue hues and brushed copper accents, complemented by the use of rounded furniture and intricate milling techniques.

Upon entering the salon, guests are greeted by a beautiful reception area. Here, a white textile panel with pintucks forms the counter, accompanied by a matte metallized copper MDF table top. The addition of a handcrafted macrame panel, reminiscent of women's braids, adds a touch of elegance to the space. To seamlessly blend the technical rooms and create a cohesive interior, the numerous doors in the visiting area were cleverly concealed behind white fragmentary plaster moldings.

Located opposite the salon entrance, a striking composition of matte and regular mirrors, adorned with brass and copper inserts, creates a captivating visual rhythm. This technique extends to the manicure area, where an illuminated panel showcases matte sections. Throughout the salon, white plaster, non-ferrous metal, and cleanliness remain consistent design elements, contributing to an overall sense of harmony.

The hairdresser's section of the salon mirrors the design principles observed throughout the rest of the space. White plaster, rhythmic patterns, and non-ferrous metal continue to dominate, resulting in a balanced and harmonious ambiance that requires minimal additional decor. High-quality chairs from the renowned Italian brand Maletti were carefully selected for this area, while the countertop features plasterboard legs covered in porcelain stoneware for an added touch of sophistication.

Finally, the pedicure area introduces a splash of color and decor, allowing clients to enjoy the treatment while also capturing beautiful selfies. With an emphasis on purity, texture, reflections, and rhythm, the interior of this beauty salon guarantees an enveloping and captivating atmosphere for all who enter. The Magic Project by Vilchinskaya Design Bureau is a testament to their impeccable design skills and ability to create spaces that effortlessly combine style and functionality.

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