Project's Summary

Basara, the innovative sushi pasticceria project created by the Andrea Langhi Design architectural studio, is expanding its presence with the opening of its second store in the vibrant Corso Italia area of Milan. While smaller in size compared to its predecessor, this new store is specifically designed to cater to delivery and take-away services, meeting the increasing demand for convenience among customers.

One of the key highlights of the new store is the sushi counter, where customers can witness the art of sushi-making first-hand. Separated by a glass wall, a laboratory area is dedicated to carrying out all the intricate stages of fish processing. This unique feature allows customers to observe the meticulous techniques employed by the skilled chefs, providing a transparent and immersive dining experience.

Despite the limited space available for seating, the design of the store employs clever techniques to create an illusion of spaciousness. A large mirror adorns one of the walls, visually expanding the area and creating an ambiance of openness. The choice of materials further enhances the aesthetic appeal, with rosewood, bronze mirror, smoked-glass, and steel elements contributing to a refined and sophisticated European atmosphere, deliberately moving away from the traditional oriental stereotypes.

The Basara sushi pasticceria project, with its second store in Corso Italia, stands as a testament to the vision and creativity of the Andrea Langhi Design architectural studio. By seamlessly blending the art of sushi-making with contemporary design elements, Basara offers customers a unique and immersive dining experience. Whether it's indulging in the delectable sushi creations at the counter or enjoying the convenience of take-away, Basara continues to redefine the boundaries of traditional sushi dining, captivating the hearts and palates of sushi enthusiasts in Milan and beyond.

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