Project's Summary

DEMELO & ASSOCIATES, an architectural studio, presents an innovative project called Atlantis, which incorporates various environmentally friendly features. One of the key highlights of this project is the 01Wind/Photovoltaic Multifunctional Bioclimatic Sail. This spherical-shaped wind sail harnesses wind and solar energies to generate electrical power. It floats on top of a pressurized, oil-filled bearing, reducing friction forces by an impressive 99.9%. Additionally, the sail can convert the emanating hot air flow into sail motion, ensuring continuous rotation even under low wind conditions. By optimizing both energy variables qualitatively and quantitatively, the sail not only generates electricity but also boasts an optimal constructive solution and aesthetic appeal.

To promote a healthy and productive environment, the HVAC air filtering system in Atlantis operates through an ecologically engineered air purifier. This system aims to simulate nature's air purifiers by involving other ecological systems within the building. With user-friendly variable digital controls, occupants can partially control the environment for a healthy and refreshing atmosphere. The atrium level of Atlantis houses various types of foliage placed in an organic substrate, along with large trees, small shrubs in planters, and aquatic pools to complement the landscaping design.

Capacious prism vaults in Atlantis provide natural illumination, as sunlight reflects off the wall surfaces. This not only creates a visually appealing ambiance but also generates solar energy for plant growth and occupants' enjoyment. In line with the project's commitment to energy efficiency, low voltage lighting is implemented throughout Atlantis. The 12-volt AC/DC lighting and fiber optical cable lighting significantly contribute to low power consumption.

Atlantis incorporates a photovoltaic glass curtain wall system that not only produces electrical energy from the sun but also filters UV and IR rays. This system provides thermal and acoustical insulation while ensuring natural illumination. The photovoltaic glass panels and photovoltaic architectural concrete system offer the highest energy yield relative to investment. The entire building project is designed to be completely independent of the power company, with predominantly computer-controlled facilities management, making it environmentally friendly and user-friendly.

The intelligent building systems (IBS) in Atlantis play a crucial role in maintaining a bioclimatic environment. Through computer-aided control, these systems minimize conductive heat flow, detect delay periodic heat flow, control interior thermal storage, promote solar gain in allocated zones, and regulate ventilation and cooling systems. By incorporating advanced technologies, the IBS ensures efficient energy usage and comfort for occupants.

In case of servicing the wind sail or inclement weather conditions, Atlantis is equipped with cogeneration units that provide backup power. These bio-fuel powered units reduce hydrocarbon fuel consumption, thereby reducing carbon emissions. The tri-cycle power units utilize advanced thermodynamic cycles to produce electrical power and HVAC heating.

The project also focuses on sustainable water management. Atlantis features a reverse osmosis/desalination system that provides all the required fresh water for everyday use. The desalinated water from the system is stored along with collected rainwater in underground storage tanks. Additionally, the project treats sewage waste on-site before utilizing it in agricultural applications. A stormwater suppression system and sand filters ensure that all water is properly treated before being discharged into disposal bore wells.

In summary, the Atlantis project by DEMELO & ASSOCIATES showcases a forward-thinking approach to architecture and sustainability. Through its innovative features such as the wind sail, eco-friendly air filtering system, natural illumination sources, photovoltaic systems, intelligent building systems, cogeneration units, and sustainable water management, Atlantis aims to create a harmonious environment that prioritizes energy efficiency and user comfort.

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