Project's Summary

Arup, a renowned design and engineering firm, has recently unveiled its new satellite office in downtown Los Angeles. Designed by Zago Architecture, the office embodies a flexible and occasional work environment that adheres to the activity-based working (ABW) model. This innovative approach aims to reduce dependency on traditional dedicated-desk layouts by offering a diverse range of work spaces suitable for various tasks and preferences.

Gone are the days of conventional desk setups. The new office design by Zago Architecture focuses on providing nuanced and non-territorial work areas. Employees can choose from individual quiet zones, discreet meeting and workshop rooms, informal collaboration spaces, and casual lounges. This multiplicity of options ensures that everyone can find a suitable workspace that suits their specific needs.

Although the office aims to create a paperless environment, certain projects still require large-scale drawings and models. To address this, Zago Architecture has incorporated desk surfaces at multiple heights to accommodate both standing and seated work. Additionally, the office boasts extensive erasable wall surfaces equipped with projectors and teleconferencing facilities. These features allow employees to view and discuss complex projects in a visually engaging manner, promoting efficient collaboration and communication.

Privacy is a key consideration in the office design. Instead of relying on cubicle walls, Zago Architecture has strategically placed large furniture and storage pieces to create separate working and sitting areas. This innovative approach ensures that employees have the necessary privacy without compromising the open and collaborative nature of the office space.

Arup's new satellite office in downtown Los Angeles represents a progressive spirit within the company. By embracing the activity-based working model and providing a dynamic and flexible work environment, the office fosters collaboration and creativity among its users. The design by Zago Architecture not only enhances productivity but also reflects Arup's commitment to innovation and adaptability.

(Note: All photos courtesy of Joshua White)

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