Project's Summary

Arturito: A Design Thinking and 3D Printing Project (Year: 2015)

In 2015, VIKA-taller architectural studio embarked on an innovative and creative project called Arturito. The aim was to develop a prototype that would meet the transportation needs of individuals in the market or anyone burdened with excessive loads for their bodies, such as carrying oranges, books, newspapers, or food. Through the process of Design Thinking, a prototype design was created that utilized magnetism to levitate and serve as a transporter for these heavy loads.

The project involved various stages, including the design process, model design, diagramming, and 3D modeling. The team behind this development consisted of Victoria Tiu, David Veliz, Jose Carlos Guzman, Leandro Mendez, R. Molina, and Axel Ixquiac. Each member contributed their expertise and skills to bring the concept of Arturito to life.

The Design Thinking approach played a crucial role in the successful development of Arturito. It allowed the team to empathize with the target users, understand their needs, and brainstorm creative solutions. By focusing on human-centered design, they were able to create a prototype that not only fulfilled the practical requirements of transporting heavy loads but also brought a sense of innovation and convenience to the users.

The use of magnetism as a levitation mechanism was a groundbreaking feature of Arturito. This technology not only provided a unique and futuristic look but also made the transportation process effortless and efficient. The prototype was designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that anyone could easily load and unload their items without straining their bodies.

Arturito represents the successful integration of Design Thinking and 3D printing technology. This project showcases the power of innovation and creativity in addressing everyday problems. By combining the principles of human-centered design and advanced manufacturing techniques, the team at VIKA-taller architectural studio has demonstrated their ability to create practical and groundbreaking solutions.

In conclusion, the Arturito project stands as a testament to the transformative potential of Design Thinking and 3D printing. By leveraging these technologies, the team was able to develop a prototype that revolutionized the way people transport heavy loads. This project serves as an inspiration for future design endeavors and encourages us to think outside the box when faced with challenges.

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