Project's Summary

Our lives can quickly become cluttered as our homes accumulate more possessions each day. Whether it's clothing items, living essentials, or even the home decor of Dhaka itself, it can all pile up and disrupt the balance of our space. With this in mind, Zero Inch Interiors Ltd. aimed to create a home space that is in a state of order, free from unnecessary physical clutter. Located at Sector 7 of Uttara, Dhaka, this apartment evokes a tranquil environment that aligns with the owner's vision.

The first priority in designing this apartment was to establish a proper storage system that would bring balance to the space. Given the limited area to work with, the decision was made to go minimal, concealing clutter behind closed doors and drawers. Hidden storage and multipurpose furniture are a dream come true for modern design lovers, especially those living in urban areas with limited space. Instead of overcrowding the apartment with too many items, furniture that served more than one purpose was installed. For example, a coffee table with storage ottomans not only adds coziness to the living room but also provides an ideal space to store books and magazines.

In terms of colors, this apartment design in Dhaka is a beautiful combination of white and wood tones. These two elements complement each other perfectly. While wood tones add warmth and depth to the space, the white sections break it up and create a calming effect, preventing any potential overpowering hues. Additionally, this neutral color scheme allows for bold and interesting elements to stand out in the apartment design, which would otherwise appear garish. With a neutral backdrop, personal tastes and design choices can truly come alive and be noticed. A neutral backdrop acts as a blank canvas, ready to be filled with creativity.

We always encourage our clients to incorporate pops of vibrant colors and textures into their furnishings and decorative items. This helps to avoid monotony and allows the apartment design to have a fresh aura with each passing season. Furthermore, layers of lighting, including spotlights, accent lights, and recessed lights, have been installed to create a diverse ambiance according to the owner's mood.

One aspect that contemporary apartment designs in Bangladesh often lack is the essence of our heritage. To seamlessly incorporate a touch of tradition, interesting elements such as ethnic printed cushion covers, brass sculptures, and abstract artworks have been included. Additionally, lines and quotes from Bengali poems have been carved onto some parts of the walls, adding a majestic and sophisticated touch. These elements bring a sense of our cultural heritage into the modern design, creating a unique and harmonious atmosphere.

In conclusion, the apartment design in Dhaka by Zero Inch Interiors Ltd. showcases a home space that is free from physical clutter and evokes a sense of tranquility. With a focus on proper storage solutions, minimalism, and a neutral color scheme, this apartment design allows for personal expression and creativity. By incorporating elements of our heritage, the design seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, creating a truly unique and captivating living space.

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