Project's Summary

The Alric project, created by the renowned SR/A Interior Design architectural studio, showcases two distinct buildings that exude their own unique characters. With their exceptional designs, this development has undoubtedly achieved double success in the realm of architecture and interior design.

The first building, referred to as the "731" building, serves as the main hub and houses the leasing office. Designed to embody a sense of fun, vibrancy, and urban flair, it perfectly captures the essence of downtown DC, located just a stone's throw away from a couple of Metro stops. Stepping into this building feels like entering a world of eccentricity, with vintage games, retro sculptures, and ultra-modern furniture adorning its interiors. The fusion of these elements creates a dynamic atmosphere that appeals to individuals seeking a contemporary and lively living experience.

On the other hand, the second building, known as the "701," is situated across the mews, offering a distinct contrast to its counterpart. While it also boasts clean modern lines in its furnishings, the overall ambiance is more sophisticated and the color palette leans towards traditional hues. This building was intentionally designed to exude an intimate, calm, and comfortable vibe, providing residents with a serene sanctuary away from the bustling city. Its tranquil personality suggests that it could seamlessly transform into a coveted condominium building in the future.

The Alric project stands as a testament to the ingenuity and versatility of SR/A Interior Design. By successfully conceptualizing and executing two buildings with distinct yet equally captivating designs, they have demonstrated their prowess in creating spaces that cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles. Whether one seeks a vibrant and energetic atmosphere or a tranquil and peaceful haven, The Alric project offers the best of both worlds.

In summary, the brilliance of The Alric project lies in its ability to encompass two buildings, each with its own distinctive character. The "731" building captures the essence of downtown DC with its urban, vibrant, and eccentric design, while the "701" building offers an intimate, calm, and comfortable haven. With their remarkable designs, both buildings have undoubtedly contributed to the overall success of this exceptional architectural venture by SR/A Interior Design.

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