Project's Summary

Transparency and weightlessness are the defining features of the 999 Playa office building, a remarkable structure created by the renowned architectural studio, WORKSBUREAU. Situated in the Tempe Town Lake District, this six-story building seamlessly blends into its surroundings with its silver and blue tones and abundant use of glass. The design incorporates two tenant spaces at ground level, with parking facilities towards the back. Above the parking area, three floors of office space appear to float, creating a visually striking effect.

With a total of approximately 94,300 square feet of rentable office space, the building is distinguished by its raw materiality. Exposed concrete columns and post-tensioned slabs are intentionally left exposed on the interior, enabling floor-to-ceiling glass panels that offer expansive views. This design choice not only enhances the feeling of weightlessness but also allows natural light to flood the office spaces, creating a pleasant and productive work environment.

Despite being built on a restrictive site, the 999 Playa building maximizes its rentable square footage through its efficient form. The architects have employed passive thermal techniques, resulting in a duality between the transparent north and the more solid south facades. This contrast is emphasized by the use of visually weightless glass on one side and a dark navy tone on the other, creating a striking visual impact. Horizontal datums are cleverly utilized to create a tiered effect, with a series of floating planes seemingly hovering just above the beautiful Tempe Town Lake.

999 Playa is one of the final urban infill projects in the Tempe Town Lake District, and it beautifully demonstrates the innovative and forward-thinking approach of the WORKSBUREAU architectural studio. The building's transparent and weightless design, along with its integration into the surrounding environment, makes it a standout addition to the district. With its emphasis on transparency and its stunning views, 999 Playa offers a unique and inspiring office space for its tenants, setting a new standard for contemporary office design in the area.

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