Project's Summary

A remarkable transformation has taken place in the heart of Rosemont, Montreal, where a two-story residential duplex has been converted into a stunning single-dwelling unit. Led by the talented team at _naturehumaine architectural studio, this intervention involved a complete reorganization of the interior space, as well as the construction of a remarkable 430-square-foot extension at the rear of the property.

The focal point of the extension is a ground-level family room that seamlessly opens onto a charming and intimate garden. This space not only connects the interior with the outdoors but also serves as a haven for relaxation and family gatherings. On the second floor of the extension, a luxurious master bedroom awaits, providing an elegant retreat for the homeowners.

What truly sets this project apart is its ability to captivate attention from afar. Situated on a typical Montreal laneway, the extension acts as a beacon of novelty and dynamism. Its design intentionally contrasts with the front fa├žade, featuring vibrant colors, an angled form, and generous glazing. This juxtaposition not only adds visual interest but also creates a sense of excitement and curiosity among passersby.

Internally, the focus of the renovation was to accentuate the existing wooden structural walls and beams, showcasing their inherent beauty. To achieve this, a subtle palette of materials was employed throughout the interior, allowing the natural warmth and character of the wood to take center stage. Furthermore, the architects introduced ample natural daylight into the core of the house through a large skylight and a glass floor, flooding the space with an abundance of light and creating a unique visual experience.

The 8th Ave. project by _naturehumaine architectural studio is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and skillful execution. The transformation of the once two-story duplex into a stunning single-dwelling unit showcases the studio's ability to reimagine spaces and create homes that truly stand out. With its eye-catching extension, harmonious interior, and innovative use of natural light, this project has surpassed all expectations, leaving an indelible mark on the Montreal architectural landscape.

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