Project's Summary

Bates Smart's 35 Spring Street: A New Landmark for Melbourne

Nestled on the eastern boundary of the Hoddle Grid, 35 Spring Street is a striking residential building that defines the urban edge of Melbourne's CBD. Situated opposite the Treasury Gardens and adjacent to Flinders Lane, the luxury development is a major new landmark that enhances the city's skyline.

Sculptural Façade Inspired by History

The tower's unique façade is a defining feature that distinguishes it from other buildings in the area. Bates Smart's design was inspired by the history of Flinders Lane, which was the cradle of Melbourne's fashion industry in the 1880s, and the iconic political buildings that characterise Spring Street. The use of fabric-like patterns and ashlar masonry walls for the façade creates a distinctive woven veil that provides the apartments with defined windows and frames spectacular views of the city or the Treasury Gardens.

Inside-Outside Environments

The woven veil also creates inside-outside environments, enhancing the character of individual residences within a tall building. The protected balconies and terraces provide residents with a private space to relax and enjoy the panoramic views of the city. The generously proportioned apartments feature rich and textural finishes with highly-crafted bespoke detailing, offering an urban sanctuary from the busy city below.

An Artistic Lobby

The lobby of 35 Spring Street is an artistic masterpiece that exudes elegance and sophistication. The off-form concrete columns lining the perimeter of the space anchor the design, while the grillage frames reference the external façade. The lobby features a striking fireplace and a variety of seating, providing residents with intimate areas to meet and relax. The centerpiece of the lift lobby is an Inge King sculpture, preserved from the building's previous iteration, which adds a heroic touch to the space.

In conclusion, 35 Spring Street is a remarkable architectural feat that showcases Bates Smart's design prowess. The luxury residential building defines the urban edge of Melbourne's CBD, providing residents with a unique living experience that combines sophistication, elegance, and artistry.

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