Project's Summary

Studio G Architects has developed a sustainable mixed-use project in Jamaica Plain, known as the 270 Centre Street project. This impressive development spans 40,000 square feet and is designed as a Transit-Oriented Development, conveniently located adjacent to the Jackson Square T Station and the Southwest Corridor Park.

The project encompasses a range of functionalities, including retail and office spaces on the ground floor, while the upper three floors are dedicated to affordable housing. The building's facade is thoughtfully designed with multi-story corrugated metal bays that break up the massing and harmonize with the surrounding houses. Notably, the corner bay facing Jackson Square is curved, with a unique vegetated screen above, adding a touch of greenery to the structure.

The building's exterior transitions from brick at the street-facing side to fiber-cement clapboard at the rear. Its high-performance envelope and energy-efficient systems are designed to meet both Energy Star and LEED standards, showcasing the project's commitment to sustainability. The design incorporates passive solar strategies, such as orienting the building's long elevations to face north and south, maximizing natural light and ventilation through the use of large operable windows.

Furthermore, the roof is planned to incorporate a photovoltaic array, generating electricity for the building and further reducing its carbon footprint. Drought-resistant vegetation will also be incorporated to mitigate the heat island effect. These measures underline the project's dedication to minimizing fossil fuel usage, preserving natural resources, and maximizing indoor air quality.

The residential units within the 270 Centre Street project cater to various needs, ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments. Importantly, all sizes include barrier-free apartments, ensuring accessibility for all. The design adheres to stringent standards, including the Massachusetts Fair Housing Act, the Department of Mental Health, Massachusetts Architectural Access Board, and DND and DHCD guidelines, ensuring inclusivity and compliance.

The 270 Centre Street project by Studio G Architects is a prime example of sustainable and inclusive architecture. With its thoughtful design, energy-efficient systems, and commitment to affordability, it seamlessly integrates into the community while providing a comfortable and eco-friendly living and working environment.

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