Project's Summary

YMSK Architects & Interior Designers have recently unveiled their impressive new project, Cheers In 2, located in Shanghai, China. This second beer shop by Cheers In was designed with a unique concept in mind, aiming to maintain the original height and length of the space while introducing a fresh twist. The architects sought to surround customers with an immersive experience, reminiscent of their first shop, while infusing the space with a touch of originality.

Building upon the success of their initial Cheers In store, YMSK Architects proposed a striking 3 to 3.3-meter-high shelving system for the new shop. This innovative design choice allows for an impressive display of the wide variety of beers available, truly immersing customers in a world of choice. To further enhance the immersive experience, the architects incorporated mirror walls, reminiscent of the first shop, which not only add an element of visual appeal but also reinforce the brand identity of Cheers In.

In contrast to the previous design, the color palette of the new shop has been transformed. The original white colors, glass shelves, and curved shapes have given way to a sophisticated combination of grey and black. Longitudinal steel frames and wooden shelves have been introduced, adding a contemporary touch to the space. This bold aesthetic change not only distinguishes Cheers In 2 from its predecessor but also showcases the adaptability and creativity of YMSK Architects.

A notable addition to the layout of Cheers In 2 is the inclusion of an enclosed counter, serving as a transitional space between the shop and the storage area. This strategic addition allows the store to cater to the growing demand for home delivery services. By seamlessly integrating this functionality, YMSK Architects has demonstrated their commitment to meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

In summary, Cheers In 2 in Shanghai, China, stands as a stunning testament to the innovative design capabilities of YMSK Architects & Interior Designers. With their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to preserving the essence of the original shop, they have successfully created a space that captures the spirit of Cheers In while introducing exciting new elements. The combination of the striking shelving system, mirror walls, and the updated color palette results in an immersive experience that continues to reinforce the brand's identity.

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