Project's Summary

The ASWA (Architectural Studio of Work - Aholic) has recently transformed an opaque former warehouse into an innovative developer office in the bustling Prompong district. The 1.6 development office now boasts a stunning ripple glass facade, which not only invites natural light but also creates a mesmerizing blurriness effect both on the exterior and interior. This architectural masterpiece covers a total area of 450 sq.m., providing ample space for the various functions it houses.

Upon entering the office, visitors are greeted by a striking sight - a long glass box serving as a 20-seat meeting room. The high ceiling and transparent ripple glass door create an immediate sense of openness and transparency. Moving further inside, one discovers the main workspace situated at the back of the first floor. This area accommodates 18 seats and is complemented by a well-equipped pantry at the rear of the building. The mezzanine floor offers additional space, featuring MD rooms, a small meeting room, and 12 expandable seats.

In terms of interior design, the ASWA team aimed to create a humble and inviting atmosphere. The selection of materials, such as wooden floors, glass, and plaster colors, adds warmth and elegance to the space. Natural light floods the office during daytime, creating a pleasant working environment. However, privacy was also a concern due to the large parking lots located in front of the office. To address this, the architects introduced a blurriness effect using the ripple glass, ensuring privacy without compromising the flow of natural light.

One of the most remarkable features of the 1.6 office is its glowing facade. As night falls, the translucent ripple glass panels illuminate the building, creating a captivating visual display. This unique design element not only enhances the aesthetics of the office but also serves as a beacon, drawing attention to the surrounding area.

In conclusion, ASWA's transformation of the former warehouse into a developer office in the Prompong district is nothing short of remarkable. The ripple glass facade, with its ability to invite natural light and blur the boundary between interior and exterior spaces, is a testament to the architects' creativity and innovative thinking. The 1.6 office offers a harmonious blend of functionality, privacy, and aesthetic appeal, making it a truly exceptional workplace in the heart of Bangkok.

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