Project's Summary

Respectful Dialogue Between Old and New: Marvel Architects' State Street Townhouses

Marvel Architects, Landscape Architects, Urban Designers, PLLC has created a stunning urban renewal site in Brooklyn that tastefully blends old and new. The State Street Townhouses project features 14 townhouses that took design inspiration from the historic National Register houses adjacent to and across from the site. Completed in 2006, these townhouses boast a subtly varied fa├žade and materials that complement the neighborhood's brownstone architecture. The project's first phase received widespread acclaim for its contextual sensitivity and modern reinterpretation of the classic townhouse type.

A Unified Aesthetic: The Second Phase of State Street Townhouses

In 2013, Marvel Architects completed the second phase of the State Street Townhouses project, adding nine more homes to the block. Together, the 14+9 townhouses establish a unified aesthetic that creates a visually compelling and neighborhood-friendly street front. The architects used a playful composition to create subtle and distinct differences between the individual homes, further adding to the project's charm. The completion of the first full block of townhomes in Brooklyn in more than a century is a significant milestone for the city and the architecture community.

Awards and Recognition: Marvel Architects' Exceptional Design

The State Street Townhouses project has received numerous awards and accolades from the architecture community. The AIA National Housing Award, Residential Architect Grand Award, Building Brooklyn Award, Boston Society of Architects Housing Design Honor Award, AIA NY State Design Citation, AIA NY Chapter Housing Design Award, and Architectural Review MIPIM Future Project Commendation are just some of the honors bestowed upon the project. The awards reflect the exceptional design and contextual sensitivity that Marvel Architects brought to the State Street Townhouses.

A Modern Interpretation of a Historic Typology

Marvel Architects' State Street Townhouses project is an excellent example of how modern architecture can reinterpret a historic typology. The project's design successfully blends old and new, creating a respectful dialogue between the past and present. The project's completion marks a significant milestone in Brooklyn's architectural history, and it is a testament to Marvel Architects' exceptional design skills. The State Street Townhouses project will continue to inspire and delight both residents and visitors for many years to come.

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