Project's Summary

Verum Atelier architectural studio has embarked on a redesign project for a building entrance that not only fulfills its purpose but also aligns with the company's principles of efficiency, excellence, and innovation. The main goal is to provide the building with a new image that reflects these values, and to achieve this, a new volumetric structure is being introduced.

The intervention involves the creation of a small octagonal pavilion with a unique and distinct geometry. The design allows for clear boundaries, giving the pavilion its own identity within the building. The construction processes used are transparent, with fabric walls that showcase the metallic structure, adding an important aesthetic element to the overall image.

In addition to its visual impact, the intervention also focuses on improving the building's infrastructure. The pavilion houses all the necessary facilities, including data networks, electrical systems, and artificial lighting. By concentrating these elements within the structure, the existing building remains largely untouched while benefiting from the regenerating effect of the intervention.

The new design offers two distinct spaces to the users. The perimetral space allows for the observation of the company's products, giving visitors a glimpse into its offerings. Moving into the second round space, a lounge area awaits with specially designed furniture exclusively for this location. The use of sheer fabric for the facades creates a more private atmosphere, ensuring a comfortable human scale. However, the transparency of these materials also allows for visual permeability, preventing the space from feeling closed off.

In summary, Verum Atelier's 025_Foyer 01 project aims to redesign a building entrance in a way that not only fulfills its purpose but also enhances the overall image of the company. The introduction of a small octagonal pavilion with transparent construction processes and distinctive geometry creates a clear visual boundary. The intervention also improves the building's infrastructure, while providing two unique spaces for visitors to enjoy. With its focus on efficiency, excellence, and innovation, this project is set to leave a lasting impact on the building's global image.

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