Project's Summary

Sculpture of Materials: High-quality Texture and Sculptured Space

In the realm of silence, one can perceive the subtle flow of space. The facade stands without conventional order, while the five-colored floor rises and falls with a gentle murmur. Above, the ceiling is ripped through with direct curves. The colors and materials of natural minerals bring vibrancy and leisure to the scene, infusing the atmosphere with a sense of relaxation and harmony. As gray lights illuminate the surroundings, more tiny pores become visible, creating an ethereal ambiance that breathes deeply and joyfully.

The architectural design employs a clever interplay of building masses and geometric sculptures, resulting in a living environment that exudes comfort and tranquility. The use of low-chroma gray hues in the living area not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also imparts a sense of lightness to the otherwise weighty building masses. The incorporation of groove and hanging designs further enhances the feeling of relaxation, transforming the living area into a sanctuary of calm. By skillfully employing curves and lines, the architects have successfully resolved the challenge of narrow, elongated spaces, infusing them with a sense of liveliness and vitality.

Stepping into the private room area, one's attention is immediately drawn to the exquisite black iron windows. These intricate frames not only showcase the spatial fashion and cleanliness but also demarcate the boundary between the outside and inside worlds. The addition of supplementary arc iron flowers further contributes to the architectural narrative, spreading the language of new art in a way that may not be fully understood by all but is appreciated nonetheless.

Created by the esteemed PENY HSIEH INTERIORS architectural studio, the Sculpture of Materials project is a testament to their mastery of space and design. The seamless integration of high-quality textures and sculptured elements creates a truly unique and captivating experience for all who encounter it. As one explores the intricacies of this architectural marvel, the interplay of materials and the sculpted spaces evoke a profound sense of awe and admiration.

In summary, the Sculpture of Materials project by PENY HSIEH INTERIORS is a testament to the power of design and its ability to transform spaces into captivating works of art. Through the skillful use of materials, textures, and sculptured elements, the architects have created an environment that seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality. By evoking a sense of relaxation and harmony, the project succeeds in transcending the ordinary and immersing its occupants in a world of beauty and tranquility.

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