Project's Summary

Santa Monica College Library: A Modernization Masterpiece

The Santa Monica College Library has undergone an impressive transformation thanks to the innovative design by CO Architects architectural studio. The modernization of the library has been praised for its inviting spaces, use of natural light, and beautiful details. The project successfully doubled the size of the library, transformed it into a modern information center, and created a welcoming gathering space for students and faculty.

Revitalizing the Library

The redesign not only expanded the size of the library but also repaired the structure which had been damaged by an earthquake. The new design features an appealing environment for research and study, with additional seating and book stacks. The main entry to the library, which was previously problematic, has been made more visible and accessible to students and faculty.

Innovative Design Elements

One of the most notable design elements of the modernization project is the three-level computer commons. This interior structure is separate from the rest of the library and is clad in curved walls of oak and glass. The computer commons not only adds a strong visual symbol for information technology but also provides a quiet and acoustically treated space for students to study and work.

A Space for Creativity and Collaboration

The modernization of the Santa Monica College Library has created a space that is not only functional but also beautiful. The library’s creative use of materials, subtle introduction of daylight, and attention to detail all contribute to its welcoming atmosphere. The library has been transformed into a space for creativity and collaboration, where students can come together to learn, research, and innovate.

In conclusion, the Santa Monica College Library modernization project is a masterpiece of modern design. The project has successfully transformed a damaged and outdated library into a welcoming and functional space for students and faculty. The innovative design elements, such as the computer commons, have added a new level of functionality and beauty to the space. The Santa Monica College Library is now a space for creativity and collaboration that will inspire generations of students to come.

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