Project's Summary

The Roundhouse Community Centre, originally a repair shop for the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1884, has undergone numerous transformations over the past century. In 1991, as part of the redevelopment of Vancouver's Expo Lands, the building underwent a remarkable renovation. The renowned architectural studio VIA Architecture was entrusted with the design and direction of several new components, including the Centre, the gymnasium, the entry court, and the pavilion for Engine 374. These additions played a crucial role in restoring the Roundhouse as the heart of a vibrant community.

The renovation and additions to the historic Roundhouse building were nothing short of impressive. VIA Architecture's expertise in blending modern elements with the building's historical character resulted in a seamless integration of old and new. The team successfully preserved the building's heritage while introducing contemporary amenities and spaces that catered to the needs of the community.

One notable addition to the Roundhouse Community Centre was the gymnasium. This state-of-the-art facility provided a dedicated space for residents to engage in physical activities and promote a healthy lifestyle. The gymnasium became a favorite spot for fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike, offering a wide range of equipment and programs to suit all ages and fitness levels.

Another significant feature was the pavilion for Engine 374, a remarkable addition that paid homage to the Roundhouse's railway roots. This pavilion served as a captivating centerpiece, housing the iconic steam locomotive that played a pivotal role in Canadian history. Visitors could immerse themselves in the rich railway heritage, gaining a deeper appreciation for the Roundhouse's past while enjoying the contemporary amenities it now offered.

The Roundhouse Community Centre's renovation and additions received well-deserved recognition and accolades. In 1997, the project was honored with the prestigious Gold Nugget Grand Award for Best Rehabilitated Commercial Project. This recognition highlighted the successful transformation of the historic building into a vibrant community hub that seamlessly blended the old and new.

Furthermore, in 2001, the Roundhouse Community Centre was awarded the Lieutenant Governor's Award, further solidifying its status as a distinguished architectural and community development project. This recognition not only celebrated the outstanding renovation but also acknowledged the Centre's significant impact in fostering community engagement, cultural activities, and overall well-being.

Today, the Roundhouse Community Centre stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between VIA Architecture and the community. Its transformation from a railway repair shop to a thriving community hub showcases the powerful potential of architectural revitalization. The Roundhouse continues to serve as a crossroads at the center of the community, bringing people together, and providing a space for connection, wellness, and cultural enrichment.

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