Project's Summary

The Rockisland project, designed by the Fabio Ferrini Architetto architectural studio, has won first prize in a national competition. This remarkable building is located in Rimini and is nearly completely surrounded by the sea. It is connected to the city by a narrow strip of land, making it the closest building to the sea in the entire city. As a result, it has become a symbol of Rimini.

The rehabilitation of the Rockisland will begin with its exterior "skin," while preserving the steel main frame structure that defines its interior design. The entire structure will be covered with a new skin made of corten steel bends, creating a stunning visual effect. This steel curtain is punctuated by vertical cuts, allowing natural light to stream in. These cuts extend throughout the entire building, providing a unique opportunity to gaze at the stars and the moon. Additionally, a window breaks the continuity of the vertical cuts, offering a breathtaking 360-degree view of the sea and the city.

At the end of the building, the letter "R" is prominently displayed, facing the sea. This letter can be interpreted as representing both Rimini and Rockisland, further solidifying the building's significance to the city. Below the main floor, a captivating space awaits visitors. The interplay of light from the sea, the close connection to the water, and the mesmerizing steel pillars that focus on the horizon create unforgettable moments. As night falls, the play of moonlight and shadows evokes the atmosphere of classic noir movies, such as Alfred Hitchcock's "Jamaica Inn."

The Rockisland project by the Fabio Ferrini Architetto architectural studio is a testament to innovative design and the integration of nature and architecture. Its unique location, surrounded by the sea and connected to the city by a narrow strip of land, makes it a symbol for Rimini. The rehabilitation of the building will start with its exterior, preserving its steel main frame structure while enveloping it in a new corten steel skin. The vertical cuts in this steel curtain allow natural light to enter, creating a mesmerizing play of light and shadows. With its breathtaking views and stunning design, the Rockisland project is set to become an iconic landmark in Rimini.

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