Project's Summary

The North Gayoso Residence, a LEED Silver Certified private residence, was commissioned in 2010 for a client in New Orleans, Louisiana. Situated in the Northeastern region of the city, this 2400 square foot home faced challenges in terms of daylighting and solar orientation for a potential Photovoltaic Array. However, the implementation of Building Information Modeling enabled the architects to conduct massing and solar studies, which greatly aided in design decisions throughout the project.

One of the main obstacles encountered during the design process was the narrow width of the lot and the client's specific requests for off-street parking and indoor-outdoor space on the ground level. To address these challenges, the architects made a logical decision to semi-enclose the ground level using a wood screen system. This innovative approach not only fulfilled the client's requirements but also added a unique aesthetic element to the residence.

The shell of the house was constructed using Metal SIP, a crucial component in regulating internal temperature and reducing long-term energy costs. This sustainable material played a significant role in achieving the LEED Silver certification for the North Gayoso Residence. By employing Metal SIP, the architects ensured that the house would maintain a comfortable indoor environment while minimizing energy consumption, aligning with the client's desire for an eco-friendly dwelling.

The North Gayoso Residence in Bayou Saint John showcases the expertise of the Williams Architects architectural studio. Their meticulous attention to detail, coupled with the utilization of Building Information Modeling, resulted in a remarkable LEED Silver Certified private residence. By overcoming challenges related to the narrow lot width and the client's specific requests, the architects managed to create a stunning home that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces. The implementation of Metal SIP as the building shell further contributes to the residence's sustainability, providing long-term energy efficiency. This project stands as a testament to the innovative thinking and commitment to sustainable design principles exhibited by Williams Architects.

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