Project's Summary

Regional Medical Center - Manchester, a critical access hospital, is undergoing a transformative addition and renovation project led by INVISION Architecture. This major undertaking includes a two-story addition to the existing hospital, with a focus on a new patient bed unit and specialty clinic. Despite the ongoing construction, the hospital continues to provide full services to the local community.

The highlight of the project is the addition of 20 new inpatient beds, including a 4-bed critical care unit. These new patient environments have been strategically designed to maximize the breathtaking views of the river valley beyond. Alongside the private beds, the addition also features a state-of-the-art specialty clinic boasting 22 exam rooms and three procedure rooms.

Moreover, the project aims to revitalize the hospital's image with a new main entrance. The redesigned entrance welcomes visitors with a reception desk, five private registration rooms, a gift shop, and comfortable seating areas. This renewed focal point will undoubtedly enhance the overall experience for patients and their families.

The scale of the project is impressive, encompassing nearly 50,000 gross square feet of new construction. In fact, this addition is the largest in the history of the campus. To bring this vision to life, the hospital administrators embarked on their first capital campaign in over 20 years. This significant commitment by the organization reflects their dedication to providing new private beds, improving the aging surgical arena, and offering public dining options to the community.

In terms of design, the INVISION Architecture team took an integrated approach, ensuring clear and intuitive wayfinding throughout the campus. The color and materials used both externally and internally harmonize with the warm neutral tones found in the surrounding rural landscape. The new front entrance showcases zinc panels and terracotta cladding, symbolizing the strengthened connection between the hospital and the community.

Sustainability was also a key consideration in the design process. The use of renewable natural materials, such as double flat-lock zinc and clay terracotta panels, highlights the project's commitment to environmental responsibility. The chosen materials and colors not only complement the existing brick palette but also incorporate a sophisticated rainscreen wall assembly. This construction method prioritizes thermal insulation and weather resistance, ensuring optimal conditions for healing and recovery within the interior spaces.

The interior design focuses on creating an inviting and comforting environment. Natural materials with recycled content were incorporated wherever possible, aligning with healthcare requirements. The inpatient rooms exude a "hospitality-like" ambiance, further emphasizing the design's intent. Expansive windows allow ample natural light and stunning outside views. Through the use of advanced thermal technologies, such as double thermally broken curtain walls and low-E coated glass, the connection to the outdoors is maintained while maintaining a comfortable interior environment.

The design team also adopted a visually intuitive approach to wayfinding, relying less on signage and more on architectural cues. Rift-sawn red oak was utilized throughout the addition, not only as an aesthetically pleasing element but also as a wayfinding tool. The wood wall with a stacked effect seamlessly connects with the existing facility's use of stacked stone, creating a cohesive design language.

Every design decision made for the Regional Medical Center - Manchester project was carefully considered to achieve a holistic and cutting-edge inpatient facility for the rural community it serves. This exciting endeavor by INVISION Architecture promises to elevate healthcare services while providing a welcoming and healing environment for patients, staff, and guests.

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