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Redhill House: A Thoughtful Response to Gated Community Covenants

Nestled in the beautiful gated community of Hillsborough, NC, lies a remarkable home that challenges the traditional notion of size and sustainability. Local covenants dictate that all homes within this community must be no less than 5000 square feet, a rule that has often been criticized for its wastefulness. However, the architects at Turkel Design have risen to the challenge, creating a dwelling that not only adheres to these requirements but also strives to be environmentally conscious.

The design of Redhill House cleverly minimizes its impact on the environment by excavating a simple shape, reducing the surface area-to-volume ratio to a minimum. Rather than sprawling across vast expanses of land, the house is composed of three stacked floor plates. The lowest floor is cleverly nestled into the slope and sheltered by the earth, effectively reducing the visible surface area. This ingenious approach gives the illusion of a smaller home when viewed from the street, challenging the preconceived notions associated with the 5000 square foot requirement.

One of the most striking design principles at play in Redhill House is the concept of 'here and there.' The architects have created a space where views from almost any part of the house connect to another, establishing a sense of continuity throughout the dwelling. The diagonal connections that weave through the house enliven the otherwise simple orthogonally configured space. This deliberate design choice not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also encourages a seamless flow between rooms, fostering a sense of unity within the home.

Turkel Design's Redhill House stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design. By challenging the conventional norms of size and sustainability, they have created a dwelling that not only complies with the local covenants but also strives to be environmentally conscious. This project serves as a reminder that even within the confines of restrictive guidelines, innovative architecture can flourish. Redhill House is a remarkable example of how conscientious design can transform a space, elevating it beyond its physical dimensions.

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